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Tips on using Org-mode to manage a reading list

From: Sébastien Gendre
Subject: Tips on using Org-mode to manage a reading list
Date: Mon, 16 May 2022 23:22:32 +0200
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I want to use Org-mode to manage a reading list and I'm looking for

My goals are to:
  * List books and articles I want to read
  * Track books I have to buy and which I already own
  * Track books and articles I have read
  * Take notes on books I have read

The following is what I plan to do.

The idea is to use an Org-mode heading for each book and the
properties of the books become the ones of the Org-mode heading. The
synopsis of the book can be in the body of the heading.


* TO-READ Four Futures - Life After Capitalism
:Title:         Four Futures - Life After Capitalism
:Author:        Peter Frase
:Publisher:     Verso Books
:Release_date:  Unknown
:Link:          https://www.versobooks.com/books/1847-four-futures

An exhilarating exploration into the utopias and dystopias that
could develop from present society


I can then structure my Org-mode file like I want. Here, the first
level headings are:
  * Articles
  * Books

In the "Books" heading I have the headings "Non-fiction" and

To track the status of the books, I set the following for the Org-mode
  * TO-GET
  * READ (DONE state)

For adding new books, I can use Org-capture with a custom template.
The captured book can be saved inside an "Inbox" Org-mode file, then
moved to its destination heading with Org-refile.

For searching a book inside the file, I can use "Sparse Trees" or

If I get the digital version of the book, I can attach it to its
corresponding heading with Org-attach.

And for taking notes, I can create headings inside the book heading.
Using Emacs narrow to focus on it. If I get the digital version of the
book, I can use Org-noter.

End of description.

Do you have any suggestions or idea ?

I don't know how to manage books with several volumes.
Do I create a heading for each volumes ?
Do I create one heading for the whole collection ?

The first is easy with 2 or 3 volumes, but not when I got 23 or more in a 

Do you have idea to manage borrowing and loaning books ?

Thank you in advance. :)

Best regards

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