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Re: I can't set dabbrev to respect the writen case

From: Ypo
Subject: Re: I can't set dabbrev to respect the writen case
Date: Tue, 17 May 2022 08:11:13 +0200
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Thanks, Samuel.

I am trying Company. It works with dabbrev out of the box, and I understand its options for cases, so I get what I intended.

Best regards,


El 17/05/2022 a las 1:43, Samuel Wales escribió:
did you confirm that fancy-dabbrev is not setting a dabbrev setting?

On 5/16/22, Samuel Wales <samologist@gmail.com> wrote:
by default hippie-expand cycles.  to cycle backward you can undo.  idk
if it or dabbrev has a menu.

idk if this is useful but there is at least one menu package and many
completion packages at seemingly varying levels of interoperability.
some things have menus built in.  there is some degree of modularity
in some packages, especially a set of minibuffer completion packages,
which is not waht you are looking for.  i am confused by the many
options.  so what i would start with is as an ignoramus [that's me] is
trying to find an overview of what's out there, dabbrev settings or a
hook for a menu, he settings, whether anything with a menu incluing a
menu package is intended to fit modularly into dabbrev, whether
dabbrev or he fit into some framework [company?] that has or can use a
menu.  possibly you already tried those things but in cas nobod

On 5/16/22, Ypo <ypuntot@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks, Samuel

I've uninstalled fancy-dabbrev, and it seems to work when I complete
using M-/. But, now I don't have candidates to choose the completion.
Any advice with this?

Best regards,

El 16/05/2022 a las 0:15, Samuel Wales escribió:
i do not use fancy-dabbrev, but i use dabbrev in hippie-expand.  it
seems to do as you want.

it should be possible to run hippie-expand with just dabbrev.  it
might not be exactly the same because he might have its own version of
dabbrev.  which might be what you want in this case.

note that you have control over where dabbrev gets its data.  idk if
that is a feature of vanilla dabbrev.

i do not use any dabbrev settings or any he settings except the main
one for he.  it is set to


         ;;do i want this first?  am i supposed to use another thing to
         ;;complete from that point?


On 5/14/22, Ypo<ypuntot@gmail.com>  wrote:

I find dabbrev and fancy-dabbrev very useful to typing fast. But there
is a problem I am not able to solve: When I apply an expansion while
writing, the case is always that of the expansion, I can't make it to
respect what I have written. An example:

— (Typing) "Hel

— (Offered expansion) "hello"

— (What I get when accepting the expansion) "hello"

— (What I wanted) "Hello"

Best regards,



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