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Change of behavior of org-meta-return in 9.6/DoomEmacs?

From: Guillaume MULLER
Subject: Change of behavior of org-meta-return in 9.6/DoomEmacs?
Date: Tue, 17 May 2022 00:14:15 +0200
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I've been using org-mode for a few years now. Thanks for the tool, I love it! 
What I love most is that it really feels like built FOR the user, as every 
default behavior is the right one!

I recently switched from Vanilla Emacs (org 9.5.3) to DoomEmacs (org 9.6), 
because I'm tired of managing my 2000+ config.org with half-backed results.

I noticed that hitting Meta-Return in org in Doom does not behave as in Vanilla 
Emacs. If I have (with <> being the cursor):

* outline 1
** outline 2
  + no<>te1
  + note2

In Vanilla Emacs, hitting M-Ret (i.e. calling org-meta-return) resulted in:

* outline 1
** outline 2
  + no
  + <>te1
  + note2

In Doom Emacs, it results in:
* outline 1
** outline 2
  + note1
  + note2
** <>

As I use "keycast" package, I can see that, in both cases:
- M-Ret is org-meta-return
- C-Ret is +org/insert-item-below
but in the case of DoomEmacs, both result in the same behavior.

I tried many combinations of C/M/Ret, but I cannot reproduce the behavior of 
Vanilla/9.5.3 in Doom/9.6 . The only way I found to reach the same result as 
Vanilla Emacs in Doom Emacs (i.e. creating a new entry based on the remaining of 
the line) is to cut & paste line splits and creating new items/outlines 
manually, which is very painful.

How can I check if it is a change in org 9.6 or in DoomEmacs?

How can I get back org-meta-return acting in Doom/9.6 as in Vanilla/9.5.3?

Thanks in advance for your help


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