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Re: [BUG] 67275f4 broke evil-search Re: [PATCH 10/35] Implement link fol

From: Tom Gillespie
Subject: Re: [BUG] 67275f4 broke evil-search Re: [PATCH 10/35] Implement link folding
Date: Fri, 27 May 2022 19:42:17 -0700

The workaround from the other thread to
(setq org-fold-core-style 'overlays) is perfect.

> The whole point of the patch is _not_ using overlays. For performance
> reasons.

Yep,  the workaround is sufficient for now, and the note on
performance for large files in the docstring makes it clear
what the tradeoffs are, and why we want the text properties
to be the default. Not need to "restore" the old behavior since
it is just a setq away.

> Note that if evil were to comply with the canonical isearch
> implementation and respect isearch-mode-end-hook, there would be no
> issue.

I think we might want to update the documentation to mention
issue with evil for now, and alert the evil devs about this change.
Then we can approach them about implementing support for
searching inside invisible regions marked via text properties
since that is essentially a new feature that is being added to
org for 9.6, though one that will be on by default. The evil-search
module doesn't seem to support _any_ of the isearch hooks needed
but while looking into this I think I know generally where it might be
possible to add them.


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