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Re: [PATCH] Re: Change in `org-cycle-hook' breaks behavior

From: Tor Kringeland
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Re: Change in `org-cycle-hook' breaks behavior
Date: Sat, 28 May 2022 14:14:00 +0000

Ihor Radchenko <yantar92@gmail.com> writes:

> If you want all the drawers in all the children to be opened, you can
> instead do the following:
> (let* ((headline (save-excursion (org-back-to-heading) 
> (org-element-at-point))))
>   (when headline
>     (org-fold-region
>      (org-element-property :begin headline)
>      (org-element-property :end headline)
>      nil 'drawer)))

Thanks, this does exactly what I want when I add it as a hook to
`org-cycle' :)

> I am not sure. Can you elaborate what exactly you want to achieve?

For me in Org 9.5 `org-cycle' without `org-cycle-hide-drawers' would do
the following (on each tab press)

* first...

--> TAB

* first

** second
** third

--> TAB

* first
  :ID: abc

** second
  :ID: cba

** third
  :ID: 123

--> TAB

* first...

So adding the code you sent as a hook to `org-cycle' (and ignoring the
STATE argument) the same behavior is replicated, except that on the
first TAB press, the properties of the =first= headline is shown.  I'm
indifferent to whether its properties are shown on the first TAB press
or not, though (the most important thing was just to get all the
properties of the secondary headlines on the second TAB press), so your
code solves my issue.  Thanks again.

Maybe a function like that could be added to Org, that the user could
add to `org-cycle-hooks' to produce the "opposite" of
`org-cycle-hide-drawers'/does what `org-cycle' used to do without
`org-cycle-hide-drawers' in the hook in Org 9.5?

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