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Re: Proposal: 'executable' org-capture-templaes

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: Proposal: 'executable' org-capture-templaes
Date: Tue, 31 May 2022 12:58:58 +0800

Arthur Miller <arthur.miller@live.com> writes:

> Instead of hardcoding the actual work in the conditional statement, there 
> should
> be a function to be called, so org-capture would setup its own work, some 
> random
> "exec" menu like here would setup its own and so on. I haven't look at other
> parts of org you have mentioned, so I am not yet sure if the approach would 
> work
> for all the kids in the block. I don't think it would that much harder to
> refactor this out, but I might be wrong, since I am not that familiar with 
> org code.

There are several slightly more complex things in org-agenda (you can
set extra switches in agenda menu to affect the subsequent command - see
agenda restriction), but please by all means go ahead if you have
interest in this area.

> Factoring this out of Org itself, as suggested by RMS in the link you posted
> might be much more work though. I haven't looked at that, and question is if
> that is really worth the effort? I would agree with him that things like
> org-table and date/time handling would be great to have in entire Emacs, 
> without
> need to load org, at least bigger parts of it. If I remember well, table mode
> started outside of org as its own minor mode and got merged into org.

This is not an immediate goal. Rather a justification that we generally
aim for a more modular code structure.

>> The above statement is a hint that patches are welcome :)
> As said, I am not that well familiar with org in-depth, and with other places
> that might need to be factored out, so I don't promise anything. Initially I
> just got a quick idea while working on a project of mine with org-capture, and
> hacked the 'org-capture' function to implement my idea :).

Feel free at ask anything if you encounter difficulties. It is not
always trivial to convert something that works for you personally into
something suitable for all the people using Org.


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