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Re: Org and Hyperbole

From: Juan Manuel Macías
Subject: Re: Org and Hyperbole
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2022 23:28:52 +0000

Hi all,

Thank you very much for your comments and contributions in this thread
about Org & hyperbole, which have helped me a lot to position myself.

Certainly, for the short time I've been using hyperbole, it has me
baffled. It's like someone grabbed all the tools that could be useful
ten minutes before the zombie apocalypse starts. There's all the buttons
stuff, but also a feature to expand regions in a style similar to the
expand-region package, which I use a lot, by the way. And also features
to write emails, store contacts, execute searches, a buffer and frame
control system (this in particular is what most caught my attention
about hiperbole and what I am using the most, since it has some very
useful functionalities). The implicit and explicit buttons system is
certainly powerful, but I don't think it will surprise the average Org
user much in this regard.

I think that Eduardo Ochs's description ("Hyperbole is meant to be used,
not to be hacked") is quite accurate. On the other hand, I find the
hyperbole menu (C-h h) very confusing and ugly. I think it would have
gained in cleanliness if they had used transient.

It seems that the hyperbole developers put a commendable and honest
effort into introducing hyperbole to users. But I perceive that
something is failing in the communication. I suspect that hyperbole is
an attempt to establish synaptic relationships between Emacs documents
and buffers. But that is also what is sought with Org. Without wishing
to make comparisons (because, as I say, my knowledge of hyperbole is
extremely limited) I would say that there is an important difference
between org and hyperbole. Both are huge, and both are complex, and both
are packed with features. But in Org there is a coherent and consistent
language that ties everything together: once you learn how to ask for a
glass of water in the org dialect (something you can do from day one),
it doesn't take long to start more complex conversations. In hiperbole I
don't just see that language that gives consistency to everything, that
"org-style". Or at least it's not so obvious to me. But I'll keep giving
it a chance. The whole window configuration control part is extremely
interesting to me.

Best regards,

Juan Manuel 

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