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Help With Figuring Out Highlight Face For 'swiper', And Determining How

From: Samuel Banya
Subject: Help With Figuring Out Highlight Face For 'swiper', And Determining How To Change Default Foreground Face For Blink Mode
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 10:56:44 -0400
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Hey there,

I've been making my own custom theme called 'morrowind-emacs-theme' (https://github.com/samuelbanya/morrowind-emacs-theme), and have the following two issues:

1. The highlight face for 'swiper' results is a bit hard to see.

I have attached related screenshots of this issue to this email.

How do I determine that particular blue or grey highlight background face? I ask because I created the theme using '' (https://mswift42.github.io/themecreator/) and found the tool to be awesome.

Its just minor things like this are hard for me to figure out since I know there are keybindings to determine the face being used at a point, but its hard to do in a mini buffer situation like 'swiper'. Ideally, I'd want this swapped out for an orange color so it stands out.

2. The default foreground face when blink mode is activated because black, which makes it close to impossible to see. Ideally, I just want blink mode to allow the background of the given cursor point to change to a white background, but keep the foreground font face color (ex: white, green, etc in an Org Mode doc).

I've attached a screenshot of this issue as well, specifically look at the 'L' character in 'Look' within the screenshot for what I mean.



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