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Re: C-SPC works; C-u C-SPC doesn't. How could be?

From: Ypo
Subject: Re: C-SPC works; C-u C-SPC doesn't. How could be?
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 19:22:00 +0200
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Thanks, Bruno

I've debugged it manually because (keymap-lookup) doesn't seem to exist in my emacs, if that's possible.

The problem comes from:

(define-key org-mode-map (kbd "C-u C-n") #'org-next-item)

If I eval that line, "C-u C-SPC" stops working on org-mode.

Same problem in runemacs -q. Is it a bug?

El 25/06/2022 a las 9:47, Bruno Barbier escribió:
Hi Ypo,

Ypo <ypuntot@gmail.com> writes:

Hi, Bruno

Yes, I tried your assertion for bug-hunter, but it didn't work.

(unless (eq 'universal-argument (keymap-lookup global-map "C-u"))
        (error "C-u has been redefined"))

I'm not sure in what way it didn't work and I didn't try bug-hunter yet.

FWIW, just in case it might help you, when I have such a problem, I just
define a function, something like:

   (defun my-check-bug ()
     "Throw an error when C-u is not the universal argument in org-mode."
       (unless (eq 'universal-argument (keymap-lookup global-map "C-u"))
         (error "C-u has been redefined"))))

Then I add:

everywhere in my init files and I start emacs with --debug-init.

Good luck,


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