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Re: Org, Hyperbole, and eev

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: Org, Hyperbole, and eev
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 20:25:00 -0300

On Sun, 26 Jun 2022 at 17:24, Robert Weiner <rsw@gnu.org> wrote:
> That was not the offer. The offer was to show you how to implement a
> discrete eev command using another framework, possibly simplifying
> its implementation. Hopefully, from seeing the code used to do this,
> you could dig in yourself and follow the flow to whatever level you
> like. Hyperbole, for example, has been implemented across years of
> part-time work. Of course, it has complexities in its implementation
> and if the non-abstract parts of that interest you, then use edebug
> or trace commands to explore the code flow but I wouldn't expect
> anyone to write that out for you.

Hi Robert,

That's bad news. In the last years I became a specialist on helping
people with the "non-abstract parts", usually via chat... we discuss
until we find together what are the parts that are not clear to them,
them we write tests that show how those parts work, and then we go
back to the high-level functions.

In eev the two sexp hyperlinks below

  (find-efunction 'hkey-initialize)
  (find-efunction 'hkey-initialize "Bind the Action Key to {M-RET}")

point to the source code of `hkey-initialize', but the second one is a
"refinement" of the first one in this sense:


I often use sequences of sexp hyperlinks, with and without
refinements, to record an "explanation" of how something is done. For
example, this block

  (code-c-d "hyperbole" "~/.emacs.d/elpa/hyperbole-8.0.0/")
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO")
  (find-hyperbolefile "DEMO" "Action Key is {M-RET}")
  (find-hyperbolegrep "grep -nH --null -e M-RET *")
  (find-efunction 'hkey-initialize)
  (find-efunction 'hkey-initialize "Bind the Action Key to {M-RET}")
  (find-ekeymapdescr hyperbole-mode-map)
  (find-ekeymapdescr hyperbole-mode-map "M-RET")
  (find-ekeymapdescr hyperbole-mode-map "M-RET" "hkey-either")
  (find-efunction 'hkey-either)
  (find-efunction 'assist-key)
  (find-efunction 'assist-key-internal)
  (find-efunction 'action-key)
  (find-efunction 'action-key-internal)
  (find-efunction 'hkey-execute)
  (find-efunction 'hkey-execute "hkey-alist")
  (find-evardescr 'hkey-alist)
  (find-eppp       hkey-alist)
  (find-evariable 'hkey-alist)
  (find-evariable 'hkey-alist "If on a Hyperbole button")
  (find-efunction 'hbut:at-p)
  (find-efunction 'hbut:at-p "ebut:at-p")
  (find-efunction 'hbut:at-p "ibut:at-p")
  (find-efunction 'ebut:at-p)
  (find-efunction 'ebut:get)
  (find-efunction 'ibut:at-p)

is an attempt to understand how M-RET treats hkey-alist as a kind of
program to be run...

How would you rewrite the sexps above as Hyperbole buttons?

I downloaded a local copy of

  (find-hyperbolefile "FAST-DEMO")
  (find-hyperbolefile "FAST-DEMO" "GNU Hyperbole Videos")
  (find-hyperbolefile "FAST-DEMO" "Overview and Demo")
  (find-hyperbolefile "FAST-DEMO" "https://youtu.be/WKwZHSbHmPg";)


  (find-youtubedl-links nil nil "WKwZHSbHmPg" nil "hoandd")
  Docs: (find-efunction 'find-youtubedl-links)

and I found - via the transcript -

  (find-yttranscript-links "hoandd" "WKwZHSbHmPg")
  Docs: (find-efunction 'find-yttranscript-links)

that starting on 5:14

  (find-hypoanddvideo "05:14" "and so it's very easy to create these")
  (find-hypoanddvideo "05:17" "live")
  (find-hypoanddvideo "05:18" "uh interactive tutorials if you want")

you say that you can use Hyperbole buttons to create interactive
tutorials... I do that with eev all the time, but my "buttons" are

Imagine for a moment that a group of, say, 42 Emacs users asks you to
prepare a video tutorial on how exactly hkey-alist works, because they
want to create their own extensions - button types? - and they think
that it would be nice, and useful to the world, etc, etc, if you could
record a video explaining that... would you still answer something
like this,

  "then use edebug or trace commands to explore the code flow but I
  wouldn't expect anyone to write that out for you"

or would you use Hyperbole to create an interactive tutorial
explaining the details, and record a video demo-ing it?

  [[]] =/,
    Eduardo Ochs

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