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sorting plain list while making - equal spc [was Re: [O] About org-sort

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: sorting plain list while making - equal spc [was Re: [O] About org-sort -> org-sort-list with custom sort function]
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2022 21:25:01 -0700

i am confused by the custom sorting function for plain
lists.  are there examples?  [note: still on maint.]

i want to ignore [-] for sorting by checked.  it can be equal to [ ].
i don't need it to be custom but that seems available.

a rationale and possible interesting solutions are below, but i'm ok
with anything.  current x/X is always flawed for me.


suppose you have a long list like

- [ ] hello
  + [ ] hi
  + [ ] greetings
... [long list]

suppose you mark greetings as [X] with c-c c-c, at least with my
settings, hello will become [-] to indicate "partly X".

suppose hello is still high priority.  but you don't notice it's there
because you use very large fonts and it is not on the same page.  it's
in the middle.  you keep your list in priority sequence.  you have at
the top something like

- [ ] bonjour
- [ ] some kind of greeting

and most are spc like that and - is rare.  suppose you mark bonjour X
with c-c c-c.  now it is in your face and you want to move it down.
so you sort by checked.  now it is out of your face.  but you didn't
notice that your hello moved down also.

this isn't particularly a bug; it is just that - is part of sorting
and it is hardcoded to be below SPC [i think].

so hello gets moved down a whoooooooooooooole lot.  its place in the
list is gone.  you aren't even looking at the bottom of hte list
because it is so long.  it is as if hello has disappeared.

and this is because you marked a sub-item as X.  and then sorted the
top level by checked.  and didn't notice.

so i'm thinking this is a feature that could cause unexpected results.
[because it did that to me.  existence proof.]

and there's nothing really wrong with existing semantics, but i'd want
- to be ignored in sorting, because of the above.

i can think of some possible solutions.  for example

- have something like an x X command that makes - eqal to spc or
custom variable for sorting with ability to specify '(?   ?x) thus
ignoring ?-.
- have a command that moves all X to a sibling header so you don't
need sorting to get X out of your face
- have the possibility of this all working on sublists too

[i kinda want all....  there are more ideas.  please do not shoot me
or say i am destroying the spirit and letter of org and the milky way
galaxy.  these are just brainstorms.  possibilities to possibly
consider, not analyzed to perfection.]


On 5/8/17, Kyle Meyer <kyle@kyleam.com> wrote:
> Kyle Meyer <kyle@kyleam.com> writes:
>> Nicolas Goaziou <mail@nicolasgoaziou.fr> writes:
>>> The we may not need `call-interactively' at all.
>>> WDYT?
>> Yeah, I agree that there's no need for call-interactively here because
>> the interactive forms of org-table-sort-lines, org-sort-list,
>> org-sort-entries are covered by org-sort's.
>> Switched call-interactively to funcall in c1addc825.
> Ehh, I should have looked more closely at org-table-sort-lines.  Unlike
> org-sort-entries and org-sort-list, it uses called-interactively-p to
> determine whether it should prompt the user.  I've put the
> org-call-with-arg back, at least for now.
> --
> Kyle

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