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Re: Proposal: 'executable' org-capture-templaes

From: Max Nikulin
Subject: Re: Proposal: 'executable' org-capture-templaes
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2022 18:31:57 +0700
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On 21/06/2022 14:37, Arthur Miller wrote:
Emacs as a whole is not designed to work in the way I
percieve it has clean separation between contexts in each frame. Menu
buffer is "global" for entire Emacs process, and there are other
features of Emacs that does not work well in such scenarion. Some people
prefer to keep an Emacs process per project/task for that reason.

A side note rather unrelated to menu for Org mode.

My impression is that Emacs process per task scenario is not supported. It is almost certainly requires different init files, but request for a command line option overriding init.el was refused:

setting user-emacs-directory at command line invocation
So I think the conclusion to this long thread was that we don't want to
add a specific switch for this, and instead people can say
"XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/whatever emacs" when they want to change these paths.
So I'm closing this bug report.

Unfortunately initialization in Emacs is rather tricky and
    emacs -q -l init.el
may behave differently.

On the other hand the latest variant of org-select is quite close to reasonable level of support of multiple instances of the same menu.

Currently several capture menu instances may be requested though
org-protocol (or calling org-capture from emacsclient). The behavior is
rather confusing. New menu may help to fix the issue, that is why I
raised the question about parallel captures.
I am not sure which behavior you have in mind.

try the following commands without selecting a template in an Emacs frame in

     emacsclient 'org-protocol:/capture?url=url-A&title=title-A&body=body=A'
     emacsclient 'org-protocol:/capture?url=url-B&title=title-B&body=body=B'

What I was thinking as a conservative implementation that would not
introduce any new features is replacing the old menu with the new one
every time the same menu is called. So, every time the user calls menu
(e.g. capture menu), only the last capture environment is preserved. The
previous, potentially unfinished, capture menus will be destroyed.

Causing loss of user data. Currently it is hard to start new capture before
selecting a template.

Current org-capture is one at a time because of how org-mks works. There
is nothing that prevents org-capture to open enumerated buffers,
org-caputre<1>, org-capture<2> etc. User has to manually serialize data
anyway, via C-c C-c from withing capture buffer? So in principle it is
still one capture buffer at a time that manipulates the file on the disk

I would like to avoid confusion here. "*CAPTURE*" buffers are created after selection of template. Menu is gone away and content is already added to the target document, so it will be saved in response to C-x C-s or autosaved after some interval. There is no need of additional persistence at this stage.

And to be clear, example I provided is broken, it creates 2 template selection menus existing at the same time, but second request overwrites capture data. When one template is selected, menu disappears, but session is still blocked by waiting for a key specifying second template. It is really ugly. I expect that new menu implementation will allow to improve user experience.

I was writing about interval between invocation of `org-capture' and selection of some template. During this period capture data exist only as values of runtime variable. Currently it is acceptable because it is almost impossible to do anything else in Emacs till capture template is selected.

Non-blocking menu makes the issue more severe for some (likely small) fraction of users. Of course, it is responsibility of code calling menu and arranging menu item handler, not the code implementing menu.

The priority of this issue is certainly less than choosing proper menu API and implementing it. However it should not be forgotten at the moment when new menu implementation will be committed to Org.

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