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Re: [patch] ox-html.el: add html attribute (verse numbers) to verse bloc

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [patch] ox-html.el: add html attribute (verse numbers) to verse blocks
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2022 19:44:51 +0800

Juan Manuel MacĂ­as <maciaschain@posteo.net> writes:

> Nota bene: I understand that all these functionalities for verses are,
> at the moment, a minority in Org, since Org has a small number of
> Humanities users (here in Spain I try to gain followers among my
> colleagues, but it is an arduous task). In any case, I think features
> like this can attract more Humanities users...

I do like the proposed feature. However, I'd prefer if instead of
introducing a whole new functionality we could extend the existing one.
This approach generally leads to code that is easier to maintain.

> There are some differences between code numbering and verse numbering,
> which is a convention used in Humanities and used by wikipedia and other
> sites as well:
> - The first verse is never numbered;
> - White lines are not numbered;
> - Numbering is added in a sequence, never continuously. The sequence is
>   generally 5, but it is common to find sequences of 3, 10 or other
>   digits (with that I answer your second question).
> ...
> I think line numbering is an idiosyncratic case and should not be
> confused with standard line numbering as understood by Emacs linum-mode
> or any other text editor. What I don't know is if the switches code
> numbering could be reused in that peculiar case. An interesting
> functionality could be to choose at which number the quoted fragment or
> poem begins (because it is common to quote fragments of long poems. In
> the LaTeX version this is obtained by :latexcode \setverselinenums{}{}

>From the above, the verse numbering looks simply like an extended line
numbering. Normal line numbering can be thought as a subset of the
proposed features.


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