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Re: [more absurd]

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: [more absurd]
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2022 15:59:25 +0200
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>>>   <tomas@tuxteam.de> writes:

> On Mon, Jul 04, 2022 at 09:42:01AM +0200, Uwe Brauer wrote:
> [...]

>> That is the first time I remember that on this list, questions of the
>> foundation of mathematics are discussed 😉

> Such things happen :)

>> Back to the point, maybe I am too conservative, but I would include 0
>> within the natural numbers,

> If you really were, you wouldn't. Peano himself didn't ;-)

Well, as far as I remember my university first course, he did, and
according to wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peano_axioms or you
mentioned German


He did!

But I have no access right now to his original work
>> and the example I started with, needs to
>> cover that case (student marks range between 0 to 10 both included), so
>> sorting should work (for me) in that case.

> See? I went to school in Spain, so I know about that 0..10 scale.
> But then I went to school in Germany, so I also know about the
> 6..1 scale. Go figure :)

Well, but Germany switched to the 0-15 scale a long long time ago, at least for 
high school....

>> I don't see, so far any benefit for not considering 0 in that sorting
>> process.

> But your concrete problem isn't a sorting process at all, just a
> conversion process: empty space gets translated to zero. As someone
> else found out in this thread.

Ah right, ok so that seems then a but to me, the whole point of my
sorting is to find empty fields.


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