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Re: [PATCH] ob-latex: Added support for including files with a relative

From: Pedro Andres Aranda Gutierrez
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ob-latex: Added support for including files with a relative path
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2022 12:18:32 +0200

First time to hear that. 
I wasn’t aware of it 8-0. 
Will need to recheck my projects and settings to see what I was accidentally doing right… in the sense that it was working as intended…


PS: once again I’ll go to sleep and will have learnt something new (as the Spanish proverb goes)

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El 6 jul 2022, a las 9:49, emacs@vergauwen.me escribió:

>>> Hi, adding an "input" type of header is one option. What about adding a
>>> call to resolve relative file names instead, thus solving maybe other
>>> needs in addition?
>> That was my second approach. I was concerned that forcing all imports with
>> an absolute path could break existing exports? Correct me if I'm wrong.
>> Using the :header syntax external files can be loaded in via the old way,
>> whereas using :inputs all relative paths are resolved.
>> The downside of course is that we clutter the export settings with a new
>> parameter.
>Rather than changing paths to absolute, we can simply play with the
>working directly for latex process and set it to the directory of the
>.org file (unless :dir argument is passed to the latex source block).
>This is probably the most expected behavior.

Just my .01 cents...

For Latex stuff I'm using just

#+HEADER: \input{preamble}

and have my preamble.tex in the working directory. (For Beamer stuff it goes in a LATEX_HEADER).

Changing that to

#+HEADER :inputs '("preamble")

well, would be a matter of taste.
Ox-beamer (ox-latex) executes all latex commands at the current directory of 
your org file, whereas ob-latex uses a temporary file to do its thing. 
(with-temp-file FILE &rest BODY)
I think this is mostly done to prent metafiles from cluttering your current 

Different export types, or different user included packages, generate different
metafiles. This makes an automated cleanup process afterwards a bit more
complicated I think, if not impossible. 

The temporary file makes it hard to add files to the working directory. 

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