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Re: Alternatives to clocking in/out for reporting time

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: Alternatives to clocking in/out for reporting time
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2022 15:02:00 +0800

Russell Adams <RLAdams@adamsinfoserv.com> writes:

> I find Org's clocking to be too detailed, and that it doesn't play
> well with dynamically organized hierarchies of notes. I frequently
> create and close subtasks, or switch parts of the tree. Clocking each
> one is too much overhead, and too granular. I don't need to provide
> down to the minute reports of each item. It also doesn't appear to
> allow rounding of values, so I still have to adjust the results.
> What I envision is a way to count items in the agenda view to produce
> a time report. Counting any inactive timestamp as 15 minutes, where if
> a half hour or more is logged I round up to bill the hour. Closed TODO
> items should count toward billing that whole hour. Clearly this should
> be customized.
> The point is that I'm not worried about accounting time by task,
> instead I'm aggregating tasks into accounting by whole hours.
> I'm looking at org-element, and it appears I'd have to do my own
> agenda style scan of the whole tree to find items to classify by
> hour. While I'm somewhat proficient at elisp, that sounds like a steep
> wall to climb.
> Is there an iterative way to review items in an agenda view so I can
> do the math to produce a report?

You may hook into timestamp insertion/todo-state change functions and
accumulate the "time" into headline properties.

I did something conceptually similar in

Hope it helps.


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