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@string abbreviation in bib file not honored in (basic) org-cite

From: Alain . Cochard
Subject: @string abbreviation in bib file not honored in (basic) org-cite
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2022 13:17:06 +0200


As I do not know which of these alternatives 

   - it is normal, this feature should not be there,
   - it is an oversight,
   - this feature is not implemented yet,
   - it does not work for me for some reason,
   - other,

is valid, I decided to report this minor issue.

Specifically, I followed the following (found on
https://blog.tecosaur.com/tmio/2021-07-31-citations.html, linked from
   So, to summarise, all one needs to get started is:
   #+bibliography: references.bib
   That’s it!

My .bib file is 

   @string{jgr="J. Geophys. Res."}
   author={Chouet, B.}, title={Resonance of a fluid-driven crack: [...]},
   year={1988}, volume={93}, number={B5}, pages={4375-4400}

Of course I use [cite:@chouet88].

Then I do 'C-c e l o' and I get (copied from the resulting .pdf):

   (Chouet, B., 1988)
   Chouet, B. (1988). Resonance of a fluid-driven crack: [...], jgr.


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