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Re: LaTeX export: when is it more useful to use LuaTeX instead of pdfTeX

From: Max Nikulin
Subject: Re: LaTeX export: when is it more useful to use LuaTeX instead of pdfTeX?
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2022 13:31:47 +0700
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On 09/07/2022 10:50, Ihor Radchenko wrote:

Or we may go even further and make org-latex-compiler default to luatex.
This will benefit all the non-latin language users.

1. It is necessary to detect if LuaLaTeX is installed to fallback to PdfLaTeX otherwise. On Ubuntu presence of lualatex binary does not mean that all necessary files are installed. Perhaps it is possible to ask kpsewhich whether lualatex.fmt is available (or some other file specific to lualatex).

2. It is necessary to found suitable fonts installed in the user system. It becomes more complicated that different fonts are required for different scripts (Cyrillic, Greek, Thai combined in the single document), it is not CSS where list of fonts may be provided and a rendering engine pics first one having a necessary glyph. See the earlier discussion:

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