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Can citeproc be installed without using MELPA? (was: @string abbreviatio

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Can citeproc be installed without using MELPA? (was: @string abbreviation in bib file not honored in (basic) org-cite)
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2022 17:22:05 +0800

András Simonyi <andras.simonyi@gmail.com> writes:

>> The problem with parsebib is that it does not even have license
>> (I do not see any in https://github.com/joostkremers/parsebib). If
>> parsebib were a part of Emacs core or at least a part of ELPA, we would
>> also be able to use it in Org core.
> looking into the source code (parsebib.el), the library seems to be
> under a BSD-type license.

Then, I am wondering if parsebib can be added to ELPA or at least
non-GNU ELPA. The same can be said for all other dependencies of
citeproc.el and for citeproc itself.

Ideally, users should not need to add non-default package repos just to
add support for CSL in Org.


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