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Re: Alternatives or org-capture?

From: Christopher M. Miles
Subject: Re: Alternatives or org-capture?
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2022 10:15:35 +0800
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I'm currently maintaining org-contacts (well, inactively)

Here is my own org-contacts' org-capture template, maybe you want to check out 
as reference:

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(add-to-list 'org-capture-templates
               `("C" ,(format "%s\tContacts"
                              (all-the-icons-material "contacts" :face 
                 entry (file (lambda () (car org-contacts-files)))
                 "* %^{NAME}
:DIR:  %\\1
:DATE: %^U
:AVATAR: %^{Avatar}
:NICK: %^{Nick}
:NAME(Chinese): %^{Name(Chinese)}
:NAME(English): %^{Name(English)}
:GENDER: %^{Gender|Transgender|Male|Female}
:RELATIONSHIP: %^{Relationship|Internet|Meet|Friend|Good Friend|Boy Friend|Girl 
:FIRST-MEET: %^U  %^{How is the first-time meet? when? where? how?}
:MOBILE: %^{Mobile Phone}
:EMAIL: %^{Email}
:GitHub: %^{GitHub}
:ADDRESS(home): %^{address(home)}
:ADDRESS(live): %^{address(live)}
:LANGUAGES: %^{Languages|Chinese|Chinese, English|English|Japanese|Korean}
:EDUCATION: %^{Education}
:SKILLS: %^{Skills|Programming|Economy}
:Programming-Skills: %^{Programming Skills|Emacs|Web|Computer System|Cloud 
:Programming-Languages: %^{Programming Languages|LISP|Common Lisp|Clojure|Emacs 
:OCCUPATION: %^{Occupation|Programmer|Freelancer|Businessman|Servant|Arter}
:HOBBIES: %^{Hobbies|Reading|Music|Movie|Travel}
                 :empty-lines 0
                 :jump-to-captured t)

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