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Re: Folded headlines with text showing where it shouldn't

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: Folded headlines with text showing where it shouldn't
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2022 13:58:41 +0800

William Denton <wtd@pobox.com> writes:

>> Usually, the problem you are seeing is when something is interfering
>> with 'invisible text property of links/other folded text.
>> Can you post the value of org-link-parameters on your system?
> This is a new variable to me!  I've never done anything with it, but it's got 
> a 
> lot in it.
> Value:
> (("attachment" :follow org-attach-follow :complete org-attach-complete-link)
>   ("eww" :follow org-eww-open :store org-eww-store-link)
> ..

This is the default value.

>> You may also put the cursor onto unexpectedly visible link and check the
>> output of M-x describe-text-properties. Then, put the cursor right after
>> the link and run M-x describe-text-properties again. Then, share the
>> output.
> Here's a screenshot of the problem I get:
> https://www.miskatonic.org/tmp/org-problem.png
> And here's the output of describe-text-properties when the pointer is in the 
> link that shouldn't be there:
> Text content at position 56157:
> ...
> There are 3 overlays here:
>   From 56151 to 56168
>    evaporate            t
>    invisible            org-link-description
>    isearch-open-invisible ignore
>    isearch-open-invisible-temporary ignore
>    org-invisible        org-link-description
>    priority             2

This is curious. Did the problem reveal itself after you used isearch
(C-s)? Do you happen to use some non-standard search package (like

If you happen to see this issue again, what is the value of
org-fold-core--isearch-overlays inside that buffer?


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