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Re: @string abbreviation in bib file not honored in (basic) org-cite [an

From: András Simonyi
Subject: Re: @string abbreviation in bib file not honored in (basic) org-cite [and a minimal working example with natbib]
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2022 13:14:25 +0200

Dear All,

On Sun, 10 Jul 2022 at 09:17, Ihor Radchenko <yantar92@gmail.com> wrote:

> AFAIU, oc-natbib/oc-bibtex also do not support @string because they also
> rely upon the built-in Emacs parser for bib files.

> I have submitted a bug report to Emacs devs [1]. Hopefully it can be
> fixed on Emacs side without a need to switch the bibtex parser.

Thanks Ihor for submitting the bug report, I think it will be useful
for Emacs to contain a built-in bibtex parser with proper @string
OTOH, a small correction:  as far as I can see, oc-natbib and
oc-bibtex (and oc-biblatex) do not parse bib(la)tex files at all,
since they simply transform Org citation and bibliography commands to
their LaTeX equivalent.

best wishes,

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