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Re: org-cature-ref

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: org-cature-ref
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2022 07:57:57 +0800

Henrik Frisk <frisk.h@gmail.com> writes:

>> Could you please provide a bit more details on what you did, what you
>> expected to get, and what you got?
>> Yes, of course!
> I saw in another thread recently that you had the bibtex captured as a code
> block (begin_src bibtex) which I wasn't able to get. In the documentation
> at https://github.com/yantar92/org-capture-ref#org819faa2 it says:
> "Alternatively it is possible to use org-capture-ref-get-bibtex-field to
> get metadata directly (:bibtex-string field will contain formatted BiBTeX
> entry).
> This, I thought, was the way to achieve this. What I get is:
> :BOOKMARK:misc:
> :TITLE:    Something
> :BTYPE:    misc
> :ID:       Something_org_captur_ref_extrac_9c0
> :AUTHOR:   someone
> :CREATED:  [2022-07-12 tis 17:26]
> :NOTE:     Online; accessed 12 juli 2022
> :RSS:      https://something.org
> :URL:       https://something.org
> :END:

Did you try to customize org-capture-ref-capture-template? 

Its default template is

"%{fetch-bibtex}* TODO %?%{space}%{org-entry}"

%{org-entry} part is responsible for generating property drawer via

If you prefer adding bibtex directly, you may want something like

"%{fetch-bibtex}* TODO %?%(org-capture-ref-get-bibtex-field :title)"
"#+begin_src bibtex"
"%(org-capture-ref-get-bibtex-field :bibtex)"
"#+end_src bibtex"


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