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Re: An org backend to Haddock

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: An org backend to Haddock
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2022 11:55:40 +0800

Yuchen Pei <id@ypei.org> writes:

> I do wonder what is the best way to handle cross-package links.
> Currently I'm using CUSTOM_ID in the format of
> package-name-x.y.z.Module.Name.IdentifierName, as well as
> Module.Name.IdentifierName.  But this is a "one big org file" approach,
> and can make navigation slow when say the org file reaches 15+MB in
> size.

> Ideally one should be able to navigate the a hackage worth of
> documentations easily, with working cross-package links and low latency
> org-goto to jump to any identifier or module, but I don't see how to
> achieve that.  To be further investigated.

If you know the file path, you can always explicitly link to a headline
in that file:

(4.8 Search Options in File Links)

     [[file:~/xx.org::My Target]]
     [[file:~/xx.org::*My Target]]

Also, you can make use of org-id and set org-id-extra-files as a
directory-local/file-local variable, possibly providing an Elisp sexp to
perform auto-calculation.

Finally, 15+Mb files should no longer be a problem in future releases
of Org. I am using a 20Mb notes files with no major problems daily (on
latest development version of Org).


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