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Re: `org-capture' loads all the files in `org-directory'

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: `org-capture' loads all the files in `org-directory'
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2022 15:19:22 +0800

Noel Errenil <errelinaaron@gmail.com> writes:

> Currently, I'm happy with this behavior. I'll learn how to submit a
> feature request
> anyway in case in the future I feel a need to.

Feature request is nothing but an email with justification why some new
feature will be useful for many users.

> After your first reply earlier, I came to realize that the pop-up
> buffer in which I am
> able to select a template is indeed some kind of agenda view/mode. This can be
> confirmed by looking up the source code. So my original problem indeed had sth
> to do with agenda, not `org-capture'.

Nope. It's just that agenda and capture template selection use similar
menus. The reason why Org opened agenda files was solely related to
collection of all the tags and offering them in the completion dialogue
during capture.

> Then I found my setting of `org-agenda-files' was indeed wrong:
> Sth like:
> (setq org-agenda-files ("~/projects/org/agenda.org"))
>                                      ;; ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> empty file at the moment
> will actually make the whole ~/projects/org directory as the agenda source,
> hence all the files under it will be loaded once agenda function is activated.
> I did that, again, because I misunderstood the manual. I should use a
> list for agenda files
> or a plain text file in which I specify agenda files, one per line.

That's one option. Generally, you can check out about the possible
settings for a variable by examining the variable documentation:
<F1> v variable-name <RET>
In your case:
<F1> v org-agenda-files <RET>


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