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Re: [PATCH] ox-latex.el: Unify in one single list Babel and Polyglossia

From: Juan Manuel Macías
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ox-latex.el: Unify in one single list Babel and Polyglossia languages alists
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2022 21:30:47 +0000

Max Nikulin writes:

>>> On the other hand I would consider adding babel by default without
>>> explicit header. To suppress loading users may add
>>> #+latex_header: % \usepackage{babel}
>> I don't understand this very well. What would happen, then, to users
>> who
>> prefer to use Polyglossia, or those who prefer to explicitly add babel
>> or polyglossia code?
> Certainly if polyglossia or explicit babel related commands are
> detected then default babel configuration is not added to preamble.
> The idea is to add babel if a user have not expressed her intentions
> explicitly.

Ah, I see. I think it's a nice idea. I guess a basic babel setup would
be added to preamble. Something like:

#+language: lang

--> \usepackage[lang]{babel}

But I think also users who use custom preamble templates included in
org-latex-classes or those who load the entire preamble via an external
file (a .sty or .tex file) will want to avoid this. Maybe it would be
nice to add a defcustom, with the following values:

- load babel with the value of #+language, when there is no explicit code from 
babel (default?)

- load polyglossia, idem but for polyglossia

- nil

- any other arbitrary string?

If the user loads babel or polyglossia explicitly, with AUTO and all
that, then the current rules in
org-latex-guess-babel/polyglossia-language would be applied.


Best regards,

Juan Manuel

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