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Re: BUG Re: [PATCH] ox-latex.el: Unify in one single list Babel and Poly

From: Kai von Fintel
Subject: Re: BUG Re: [PATCH] ox-latex.el: Unify in one single list Babel and Polyglossia languages alists
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 17:07:52 +0300

On 23 Jul 2022, at 16:59, Ihor Radchenko wrote:

> Kai von Fintel <fintel@mit.edu> writes:
>> I believe that that this patch has made it impossible to export to latex, 
>> because the function =org-latex--format-spec= in =ox-latex.el= still refers 
>> to the old variables, which are now not bound:
>>> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-variable org-latex-babel-language-alist)
>>>  org-latex--format-spec(
> org-latex-babel-language-alist is the new variable introduced in the
> patch. You seem to be loading "mixed" Org versions - built-in + latest.

No, I’m looking just at the HEAD version of =ox-latex.el= at 

The new variable is =org-latex-language-alist=, defined on line 175f.

But, =org-latex—format-spec=, defined on line 1860ff, uses the old variable 

(defun org-latex--format-spec (info)
  "Create a format-spec for document meta-data.
INFO is a plist used as a communication channel."
  (let ((language (let ((lang (plist-get info :language)))
                    (or (cdr (assoc-string lang org-latex-babel-language-alist 
                        (nth 1 (assoc-string lang 
org-latex-polyglossia-language-alist t))

This borks my latex exports.

— Kai.

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