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Re: Volunteering to maintain ob-asymptote.el within Org

From: Munyoki Kilyungi
Subject: Re: Volunteering to maintain ob-asymptote.el within Org
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 00:15:12 +0300
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Jarmo Hurri <jarmo.hurri@iki.fi> anaandika:

> Greetings Munyoki.



>> That said, shouldn't this be in org-contrib?  Too many features in a
>> tool - featurism - may be distracting, in the sense that you focus
>> more on your tool than work at hand.  
> I do not understand this. Why would supporting a professional-level
> graphics programming language be distracting someone from their work
> when using Org?

I'm not _against_ supporting a proffesional-level
graphics PL.  What I'm trying to say is that
having it installed should be a choice made by the
end-user.  Personally, I try to keep my systems as
minimal as I can make them; and as such I advocate
for users having that choice.  Very much by
opinions.  Nevertheless...

>> And that said, to work around this, I reckon that's why (?)  we have
>> org-contrib.  You - the end user - install what you want/need. 
> Yes, but whenever we split up support, we raise the threshold for the
> use of a combination of tools, in this case Org and Asymptote.

I agree with this.

> Org is a very powerful publication tool. Does it not make complete sense
> to include support for a tool for creating professional-quality
> publication graphics?

Makes sense.  Just not complete sense to me.  I
reckon I'll give this is a shot this coming
weekend and see how this goes.  Is this:
sufficient to get me started?

(Life is like a pencil that will surely run out,
    but will leave the beautiful writing of life.)

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