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Re: How to force markup without spaces

From: K
Subject: Re: How to force markup without spaces
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 01:50:29 +0800
User-agent: Evolution 3.44.3

Hello everyone, I am a chinese user and also came across this problem.

Bastin once wrote this almost a decade ago:

> More precisely this can be included when we decide to drop support 
> of Emacs 22.
> Does anyone know what is the current backward compatibility state
> of major native Emacs packages (Gnus/ERC/etc) wrt Emacs 22?
> Thanks,

Since emacs has released 28.1, Could this problem be solved?

Although we have the zero-width space workaround, for some fonts the
character will not be zero-space. So it would be nice to solve this

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