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[PATCH] Add tests for ob-haskell (GHCi)

From: Bruno Barbier
Subject: [PATCH] Add tests for ob-haskell (GHCi)
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023 10:12:50 +0100

Hi all,

I've collected some tests about ob-haskell, using GHCi.

This patch is not ready for final review.  It's a preliminary version.

These tests are about GHCi, and only about GHCi (that's why I named
the file 'test-ob-haskell-ghci.el').

Some tests are revealing bugs; they are flagged with:

    :expected-result :failed

All the tests will randomly fail; that is an ob-haskell bug (see
the command 'test-ob-haskell-ghci.el' to make them fail).

Some tests might be questionable, revealing more design choices and/or
backend capabilities than the expected behavior.

Solving the random failure bug should be a priority, in my opinion, as
it makes the testing process unreliable.  Adding support for sessions
would also be a good thing, so that one test doesn't contaminate others.

FTR, here are the tools that I have used:

    | emacs-version |                      29.0.60 |
    | org-version   | main@4cad6c8ea (Mar 16 2023) |
    | haskell-mode  | master@20d4e23 (Mar 4  2023) |
    | ghci          |                        9.0.2 |


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Description: Add tests for haskell (GHCi)

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