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Re: dired doesn't work properly with a multibyte locale

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: dired doesn't work properly with a multibyte locale
Date: 03 Feb 2003 11:22:12 +0900

Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> writes:
> > Is it worth the trouble?  As far as I know the problem only occurs with
> > newlines in filenames, which is an extremely rare thing; as long as it
> > gets fixed in the next version, that seems good enough to me...
> If the bug happens only for such filenames, I agree that
> it's not worth working on it anymore.
> This statement reads that any character encoded by multiple bytes in a
> filename causes a trouble, for instance any CJK characters in CJK
> locales or any non-ASCII chars in UTF-8 locale.  As you can use
> ja_JP.eucJP locale, could you please try some Japanese file name?

They work fine for me.

My impression was that the bug only occured with newlines, and looking
at Andrea's patch seems to confirm this.  I think that when Andreas
mentioned byte vs character counts it was merely to clarify the issue
(as earlier there was some confusion about that in this thread).

> >    [4.5.1]
> >      ...
> >      This package is the union of the following:
> >      textutils-2.1, fileutils-4.1.11, sh-utils-2.0.15.
> Hmmm, then, it's strange that "ls (fileutils) 4.1" works,
> but "ls (coreutils) 4.5" doesn't.

Why?  I think it just means that the bug was introduced after fileutils-4.1.

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