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Re: Building Emacs on MS Windows

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Building Emacs on MS Windows
Date: 06 Feb 2003 19:35:17 +0000
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Lars Hansen <address@hidden> writes:

> I have some problems building Emacs from CVS on MS Windows.
> 1. It seems the files nt/configure.bat and nt/makefile.w32-in have wrong
> newlines.

This is due to a shortcoming in CVS. We need DOS line ends on those
files when a release is made, which means they must be stored in
CVS with DOS line ends.  CVS does not have a concept of "leave the
line ends alone on this text file", it only understands "text" and
"binary".  On Windows, text files get an extra ^M blindly added
before every ^J by CVS, so if the lines already end in ^M^J, they end
up with ^M^M^J.  Making the files binary would fix this particular
problem, but then we would lose the ability to merge and diff with
previous versions.

The solution is to use a CVS client that does not change the
line-ends.  More recent versions of WinCVS have the concept
of a "Unix sandbox" to prevent line end conversion for a project.
Cygwin CVS also does not convert line ends by default.

> 2. When I correct this and try the command "configure.bat" followed by
> mingw32-make.exe bootstrap" in the nt directory, I get a lot of errors like:
>   >>Error occurred processing calc/calc-aent.el: File error (("Opening
> input file" "no such file or directory"
> "d:/cvs/emacs/nt/calc/calc-aent.el"))

I have not seen this before. It appears that an attempt to change
directory before running that command has failed.  If you are using a
non-default shell, try using cmd.exe instead.

> Obviosly the problem is the directory CXTERM-DIC resides in the
> directory leim rather than in the directory nt.
> What is wrong here?

The same problem as with the lisp subdirectory.  As a temporary
measure, you could try the same trick, or if you do not need leim, you
can just leave it, since the main part of the build is complete by
this stage. But in the long term, please try to debug so we can
either change the build scripts or document the cause of your problem.

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