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ad-disable-advice doesn't work.

From: 川幡 太一
Subject: ad-disable-advice doesn't work.
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 19:29:58 +0900
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Dear sirs, 

I've found that `ad-disable-advice' doesn't work as said in the
document.  Here is the example which I tried with newest CVS head
emacs with `-q -nw' options.

    (defun test-func (a)
      (+ 3 a))
    (test-func 3)
    (defadvice test-func 
      (before foobar first (arg) activate)
      (setq arg (+ 10 arg)))
    (test-func 3)
    (ad-disable-advice 'test-func 'before 'foobar)
    (test-func 3)

I appreciate if this problem be solved.  Thanks in advance.

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