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Re: Crash when using wheel mouse

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Crash when using wheel mouse
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 14:30:44 -0500

    In short, it would appear that last_text_row is a pointer, and some
    arithmetic is done producing it even when the pointer it is calculated
    from is NULL.  Actually, this can't even be the whole story, since one
    can't really arrive at 0x2 from NULL by mere pointer arithmetic as
    long as the pointers involved are (struct glyph_row *), since
    glyph_row certainly is a type larger than 2 bytes.

It is even stranger than that, because if last_text_row had been 2
at the top of those ifs, this clause would have run

  else if (last_text_row)
      /* We have displayed either to the end of the window or at the
         end of the window, i.e. the last row with text is to be found
         in the desired matrix.  */

and that abort would not have been reached.

Hmm.  Perhaps some other call to abort got combined with that one.

What happens if you recompile without -O?  (Specify -O0.)  What happens
if you recompile with -DGLYPH_DEBUG as well as -O0?

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