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Re: xml.el changes

From: Emmanuel Briot
Subject: Re: xml.el changes
Date: 17 Mar 2003 22:55:04 +0100

On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 00:04, Dave Love wrote:
> I made these changes to xml.el mainly for non-ASCII and to deal with
> character syntax reliably, e.g. for testing a parse in *scratch*.  For
> skipping whitespace I reverted to using skip-chars-forward, which is
> byte-coded, rather than the use of re-search-forward.
> I may work on it later to eliminate some of the fixmes I noted.


Thanks for the checkins.
I no longer have much time to maintain xml.el, and in fact my interests
have shifted enough that I am no longer interested either.
What should I do to help find a new maintainer for this package, since I
don't want to be in the way of people wanting to do


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