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gdb-ui almosts works in NT

From: Jonathan Luntz
Subject: gdb-ui almosts works in NT
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 14:29:14 -0500
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Subject: gdb-ui almosts works in NT
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I'm not usre if this classifies as a bug, but I'm trying to get gdba
working under NT Emacs.  Almost everything works.  One minor issue is
that gdb-ui.el is hardcoded at one point to use "/bin/cat", so I just
put a copy of the msys (mingw) cat.exe there.  I can get the
gdb-many-windows working, and I see my code, breakpoints, local
variable, and i can step through nicely.  The only problem is I can't
get the program IO to run in the input/output window in emacs.  It
runs always in its own DOS window.  If I use eshell to run my
program, I can interact with the program through an emacs buffer, so
it seems that it's some problem with the way emacs interacts (or
doesn't) with gdb.   I've tried doing run gdba (like this) as:

gdb -annotate=2 test.exe

and also

gdb --fullname -annotate=2 test.exe

but neither works.  Is this a fundamental problem under NT emacs, or
can it be configured to work?

(by the way - everything I have is mingw and msys, including how I
compiled emacs from yesterday's CVS)

Jonathan Luntz

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