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VCs, IPOs, Stock, ...

From: Nancy Jackson
Subject: VCs, IPOs, Stock, ...
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:50:37 -0400

biz4mation logo  

Welcome to Biz4Mation, the most effective and integrated one-stop financial source on the web. Providing you with real-time and historical data, Biz4Mation contains a myriad of detailed information relating to the following areas:

  • Streaming real-time stock quotes
  • Stock portfolio management
  • Venture Capital Investments & Investors
  • IPO activities
  • Government contract funding
  • Daily email updates
  • Charting, News, Articles
  • And moreĀ…

This packaged data is updated daily to provide you with up to the minute financial information. Our Venture Capital database now contains over 100,000 entries, as new Funded companies, Investors, and IPOs are added on a daily basis! You can easily locate and view profile, history, contact information and summary information of companies through your defined search criteria. We also bring you the most extensive, up to the minute coverage of companies, markets, and events. The features and functionality of this award-winning financial tool will assist you in all areas of the financial market!

Please visit our web site at www.biz4mation.com and join our user community. Take a free tour of our site by simply clicking on the demo button on the home page.

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