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Re: Potential problem with return key definition

From: Andrew Choi
Subject: Re: Potential problem with return key definition
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 02:00:01 -0600
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Robert Pollard <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> I was told the following might be a bug.  Maybe you can look at it and
> take care of it if it is.
> Platform: Macintosh G4
> OS: OS X 10.2.6
> Emacs version: (powerpc-apple-darwin6.2)
> After downloading and installing EMacs the return key was undefined
> according to C-h k.
> By adding (define-key function-key-map [return][13]) to ~/.emacs the
> return key started working again.
> HTH,
> Robert Pollard

Please check that Emacs has been properly installed.  Specifically, the
contents of the file


(assuming default install directories) is the same as the file
lisp/term/mac-win.el in the source tree.

Also check that mac-win.elc is up-to-date w.r.t. mac-win.el.

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