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Re: scrolling very buggy (slider, arrows) under OS X

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: scrolling very buggy (slider, arrows) under OS X
Date: 15 Mar 2004 08:45:24 -0500
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>> > When you just click on a slider without moving it (after you've
>> > scrolled to the middle of the document), you will see that the text scrolls
>> > right away, often far beyond the document.
>> By "click" you mean "left-click" (aka mouse-1) ?
>> Sounds like a bug, indeed

> It is?  I just tried this in the MS-Windows port, and I get the same
> behavior, the one I'd expect.  "C-h c <click mouse-1 on the slider>"
> says

>   <vertical-scroll-bar> <mouse-1> (translated from <mouse-1>) runs the 
> command scroll-bar-toolkit-scroll

> Isn't that what is supposed to happen?

What you show just says that scroll-bar-toolkit-scroll is responsible for
handling mouse-1 events.  And actually nowadays, this is rather irrelevant
since I belive all toolkit scrollbars ignore the keymap when deciding what
elisp function to call.
But in any case what I understand from the poster's description is that if
he does nothing more than click (i.e. mouse-1) on the slider (aka "thumb"),
the buffer is moved even though it normally shouldn't (that actually
depends on the toolkit in use, of course).

It's completely normal if it moves a little bit (i.e. up to
buffer-size/window-pixel-height chars because of pixel granularity), but on
most toolkit it shouldn't move more than that (Xaw3d is pretty unusual in
this regard).


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