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Re: CC mode loads CL

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: CC mode loads CL
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 17:13:07 +0000
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Some time ago, Luc Teirlinck <address@hidden> wrote:

> Martin nor me could reproduce the bug you described about cc-langs
> being loaded.  We now know that to you cc-langs is just an alias for
> cl, 


Someone with a clue investigating, for instance, whether cc-mode
actually _used_ CL stuff at runtime would probably do something like
this in a fresh Emacs:

M-: (provide 'cl)
M-x set-variable debug-on-error t
C-x C-f /tmp/a.c

They'd then (perhaps) see a strange message in the echo area about an
error with no backtrace.  They might then guess to set
`debug-on-signal' too, which would provide a backtrace due to an
undefined CL function in a call tree which included something from

That's just what I did.

> Martin said it was OK to make a change in cc-defs.el to prevent _cl_
> from being loaded.

Which clearly does not solve the problem, as above.

> There was no need to make any change to prevent cc-langs from being
> loaded at runtime, because that did not happen anyway.

eliz also said otherwise.  This is with current cc-mode source:

$ src/emacs --batch --eval "(progn (with-temp-buffer (c-mode)) (message \"%s\" 
(featurep 'cc-langs)))"
Loading cc-langs...
c-mode compiled with CC Mode 5.30.8 but loaded with 5.30.9 - evaluating 
language constants from source

> Your logic here beats me.

That's not my problem.

Could someone who knows what they're doing please look at this, and
note the issue even debugging it?  (Please mail me directly if
necessary; since this thread seems mainly to involve unhelpful
insults, I'm dropping it.)

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