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Re: Emacs & gtk+-2.4.0

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Emacs & gtk+-2.4.0
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 16:03:40 +0100

I'm using the actual CVS version of Emacs. But since I upgraded my
gtk+-2.4.0 I have problems with the toolbars of programs like Gnus.
I recompiled Emacs but this doesn't help.

And these are the problems:
If there's a toolbar, like Gnus has with buttons for replying, deleting, etc, there's always a button selected and I'm not able to deselect it. The result of this is, that when I press RET (for example to read the article in under the cursor in message buffer) always the action for the selected button is performed, too. This makes it nearly impossible to work with programs which
have a toolbar/speedbar.

This does not happen for me, so I need more information.
Is it only Gnus or all toolbars, and if not all, which toolbars?
Do you run Gnome, and if so, what version, and was Gnome compiled with
GTK 2.4?  If you are running Gnome, does this still happen without
Gnome, (i.e. start with just a basic WM, like twm)?
What window manager are you running?
What GTK/Gnome theme, if any, are you using?


        Jan D.

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