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Re: problem with find-dired and find-name-dired

From: Peter Lee
Subject: Re: problem with find-dired and find-name-dired
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:56:31 -0600
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>>>> Eli Zaretskii writes:
    >> | find . \( -name "*.mak" \) -exec ls -ld {} \;

    Eli> assumes a Posix shell which needs some special characters
    Eli> escaped with a backslash and removes those backslashes before
    Eli> passing the command-line arguments to `find'.

    Eli> In other words, you should try to modify the command by
    Eli> removing all the backslashes.  That should work on Windows.

I initially tried this route but couldn't find an option to prevent
the escaping of the parens.  Turns out it's hardcoded in

    Eli> Another alternative is to find a ported Bash and point
    Eli> shell-file-name to its executable file.

I added (setq shell-file-name "bash") to my init file and everything
works fine.

Thanks Eli.

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