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Re: gdb-ui and Mac OS X

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: gdb-ui and Mac OS X
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 21:56:55 +0100

I've committed changes to gdb-ui.el which, if I've understood correctly, will
mean that gdb-ui.el works for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. (Ken, I've cc'ed you
just for this sentence, I'll stop cluttering your mailbox from now on).

 > IIUC, the thing doesn't do anything useful in GDB < 6 anyway, right?
 > On the macosx version it leads to bad behavior, but on other systems it's
 > just caught as an error and ignored, right?


 > Then how abour "parsing" the "welcome message" to see if we're dealing with
 > GDB >= 6 ? 

You mean the startup message? What if the user has aliased gdb to "gdb -q"?
Also gdb in CVS starts up with something like:

GNU gdb 2004-01-13-cvs
Copyright 2004 Free Software Foundation...

I have suggested to the gdb mailing list that gdb have a formal version
number (like emacs-version) but to no avail so far. This is what GDB/MI is
meant to be about: structured output to be read by computer rather than
the imprecise output that is intended for the user.

 >            Or otherwise how about moving this to the gdbmi insterface?

I don't follow. Watch expressions _do_ use GDB/MI. However since gdb is
started in gdb-ui.el with annotations the only way of accessing them is
through the "interpreter mi" command (GDB >= 6). GDB/MI itself goes back to
about 5.0 but to get at that interface you need to start gdb with them
(gdb -interpreter=mi progname). This is what gdbmi.el does.


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