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Re: drag-and-drop failures

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: drag-and-drop failures
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 20:29:00 +0100
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"Jan D." <address@hidden> writes:

> Does Emacs and Galeon/Mozilla run on the same machine?


> And what kind
> of machine is it, i.e. little or big endian, 64 bit or 32 bit?

Debian SPARC, i.e. BE 32 bit.

> Does copy paste from Galeon/Mozilla to Emacs work?

Yes (at least for ASCII).  Obviously the fact that dragging text fails
isn't a major issue, and I just thought I should report the bug.

>> Dragging text from CDE dtpad (running on Tru64) to Emacs (on Debian)
>> crashes Emacs:
> Same question here, Tru64 is obviously big endian 64-bit,

No, little-endian (`all the world's a VAX').  It's the only OS I have
with a 64-bit userland, though I can also build a 64-bit Emacs on Irix
and Solaris/SPARC.

> but what do you run Debian on?


> Finally, if you can evaluate the lisp function byteorder (no
> arguments) and see what you get on the various machines, it would
> help.  Most important is any 64-bit machines.

Well, the SPARC is a 64-bit machine, but it's a 32-bit userland.  It
didn't occur to me that this sort of thing wouldn't work between
different architectures :-/.  I can tell you characteristics of the
systems I have directly.

Actually, the definition of Fbyteorder doesn't look strictly right,
though I think it will work on all the Emacs platforms I know about;
it looks as though it assumes unsigned is 32-bit.  Also, it seems
wrong to have a function separate from the WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN macro.  I
think the endian test should be delegated to autoconf (which uses, if
necessary, a different runtime endian test).  See my comment in
configure.in, though I guess rms doesn't agree.

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