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bad definition for `function' widget

From: Dave Love
Subject: bad definition for `function' widget
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 18:48:14 +0000
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If browse-url-browser-function is an alist, the customization buffer
for it matches it as a function:

  Browse Url Browser Function: Hide Value Value Menu Your own function: 
  (("^mailto:"; . browse-url-mail)
   (".*" lambda
    (url &optional new-window)
     (if window-system 'browse-url-galeon 'browse-url-lynx-emacs)
     State: this option has been set and saved.

and you can't save an edited version.

It's because the widget `function' inherits from `sexp' when it should
be `restricted-sexp' to make :match-alternatives work.  (It looks as
though I failed to fix it properly before...)

Also the `:prompt-match' slot clearly shouldn't be `fboundp' for a
general function, but I don't know whether the :prompt-... slots
should be defined at all.  (It would be good if widget slots were
documented generally.)

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