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Re: tex-font-lock-suscript may mark buffer as modified

From: Markus Rost
Subject: Re: tex-font-lock-suscript may mark buffer as modified
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 17:04:24 -0500

If I understand correctly, both patches do the same thing.  Now that I
remember this save-buffer-state business, I think the change is a real
improvement.  I think that, on occasion, somebody could now remove the
(save-buffer-state ...) or equivalent (let ... set-buffer-modified-p
nil)))) wrappers for

        cperl-font-lock-unfontify-region-function in cperl-mode.el
        ansi-color-unfontify-region in ansi-color.el

and the definition of 

        save-buffer-state in ansi-color.

(I don't feel comfortable doing it myself, since I never use those
libraries, and I don't have the time to ensure to make the correct

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