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Mouse events in the margin using an xterm

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Mouse events in the margin using an xterm
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 10:25:26 +1300

 > There are problems with mouse events in the margin using an xterm. The
 > bindings are set up with xt-mouse.el and a mouse event generated using
 > gdb-mouse-toggle-breakpoint looks like:
 > (left-margin (#<window 4 on myprog.c> left-margin (0 . 41) 44))
 > while using X it looks like:
 > (mouse-1 (#<window 7 on myprog.c> left-margin (7 . 84) 255102803
 >  nil 673 (1 . 6) nil (7 . 6) (0 . 13)))

I think see now that mouse events produce extra elements in the margin but
these are not documented in the manual.

Also the node Command loop->Input Events has:

* Mouse Events::                Overview of mouse events.
* Click Events::                Pushing and releasing a mouse button.
* Drag Events::                 Moving the mouse before releasing the button.
* Button-Down Events::          A button was pushed and not yet released.
* Repeat Events::               Double and triple click (or drag, or down).

I think that the last four nodes should be sub-nodes of the first one.

 > I've also tried to use gdb-mouse-toggle-breakpoint on the console 
 > (TERM=linux)
 > with t-mouse.el. Here Emacs crashes with a segmentation fault in
 > read-key-sequence. I'll investigate this further.

I see this is because t-mouse.el doesn't recognise left-margin. This is a
really good mode that appears to have fallen into disrepair. How about asking
the author(s) if we can include it in the Emacs distribution. Note that it
does need gpm and mev to work.


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