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S-SPC exits out of isearch

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: S-SPC exits out of isearch
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 09:18:29 +0100

Recently, emacs seems to have had a change in input handling resulting
in annoyance - if S-SPC is typed during an isearch, emacs exits out of
the isearch and inserts a space at point.
Given that I often search through COBOL and Natural sources, I quite
often isearch for uppercase words, so typing S-SPC instead of plain
SPC is quite a frequent occurrence - as a result, this change has
caused me some annoyance.

Is this expected behaviour or a bug?  I'm really not too happy about
isearch getting canceled so easily...

emacs version in use: CVS bootstrapped build as of this morning (8AM
CET); same behaviour with -q --no-site
There was a similar change with respct to the numeric keypad not all
that long ago, where those keys started returning S-kp-9 etc (instead
of plain kp-9 etc, presumably to indicate the numlock state) - this
causes similar problems when isearching using those numbers (or the
'.' off the keypad).
I was able to work around that by putting the following in .emacs:

 (lambda (keypad-normal)
   (let ((keypad (nth 0 keypad-normal))
         (normal (nth 1 keypad-normal)))
     (put keypad 'ascii-character normal)
     (define-key function-key-map (vector keypad) (vector normal))))
 '((S-kp-0 ?0) (S-kp-1 ?1) (S-kp-2 ?2) (S-kp-3 ?3) (S-kp-4 ?4)
   (S-kp-5 ?5) (S-kp-6 ?6) (S-kp-7 ?7) (S-kp-8 ?8) (S-kp-9 ?9)
   (S-kp-decimal ?.)))

However, adding a "(S-\ ?\ )" entry didn't work in the same way.

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