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Re: invisible

From: 山本和彦
Subject: Re: invisible
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 14:33:17 +0900 (JST)


> > I have tried (add-text-properties 6 11 '(rear-nonsticky t front-sticky t)).
> As I've said you shouldn't take my examples as correct because I almost
> never fiddle with stickiness.  So have you checked that it does what it is
> supposed to do: I.e. insert a char at position 11 and another at position
> 6 and make sure that only the one at position 11 is visible.  As long as the
> char inserted at position 11 is invisible or if the char inserted at
> position 6 is visible, Emacs will feel compelled to accept 6 as
> a legitimately desirable position.

OK. I think I understand. To my best knowledge the following code
should make only position 11 visible.

        (put-text-property 6 11 'invisible t)
        (add-text-properties 6 11 '(rear-nonsticky t front-sticky t))
        (add-text-properties 5 6 '(rear-nonsticky t))

But Emacs 21.3.50 treats as insertion in position 6 is visible.

Do I misunderstand something? Is there really a way to make only
position 11 visible?

> I think you first have to understand that if your program doesn't accept
> 6 as an answer here, it's got a problem.  Have you tried again to move in
> various directions in Emacs-21.3?  Has it always moved to 11?  If so, tell
> me precisely what you tried, because you must have missed one case.

You are right. Emacs 20.7 and 21.3 returns different position according
to the previous cursor motion.


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