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Re: DEBUG file needs updating

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: DEBUG file needs updating
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 10:12:19 +1300

 > So, while etc/DEBUG should mention that newer versions of GCC might
 > know about XVECTOR etc., it should add that this is only true on some
 > platforms (those which support DWARF-2 debug info), and other

Yes, good point. I think DWARF-2 is used on all modern GNU/Linux distribution
for i586, though.

 > > One smaller point, the example sets a breakpoint at line 1296 of xmenu.c
 > > which clearly has changed now. If it sets a breakpoint on a procedure name
 > > rather than a line number it might be correct for longer.
 > The example wants to set a breakpoint on some line inside the
 > function, not at the first executable line.  So how would like to
 > change the example to prevent it from bitrotting?

I would find a procedure where the line of interest wasn't far from the point
of entry and instruct the user to step through to it.


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